Congratulations on your decision to marry!

I would love to meet (or Skype/FaceTime) for a first no obligation chat about your hopes and desires for the special day, and to see if I am the right fit for your needs. My fee includes the following:

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“A strong marriage requires two people who choose to love each other even on those days when they struggle to like each other”
– Dave Willis

Once dates are booked and timeline discussed, our next meeting (Skype/FaceTime) will be a longer conversation during which you tell me your story. How you met, your hopes/dreams for your special day, any thoughts you may have as to how you want it to look and feel. I can help with ideas here. This is an informal, no pressure conversation so I can get a sense of what you want your day to ‘look like’. There are no real rules, it can be just what you want – within reason! Formal, casual, a bit of both, themed; the choice is yours.

I also give you the legal obligations regarding marriage, and when to apply for your licence.

Then I create the first draft of the ceremony for you and email it to you.

Any changes are made, adding or adjusting until you are absolutely happy. We can go back and forth making changes for as often as it takes to get it just right for you.

We have a rehearsal with the wedding party to ensure everyone knows just where they are standing and what they are doing on the day. This generally takes place the week before your wedding day. Practicing with the bride and bridesmaids walking in with timing the music, the ring exchange, where the signing of the documents takes place, where everyone stands, the walking out and anything else we need to do to ensure everyone is comfortable as can be with their role on the day. This may be the day before the wedding if people in the wedding party are coming from overseas/out of town.

On the wedding day, I will be there early to ensure everything is in order. Getting the groom and his people in place, the music cued – all ready to receive the bridal party. Ensuring everyone is as calm and happy as can be for your day! I even provide tissues for any tears that may come during the ceremony.

I take care of the signed documents to ensure your marriage is registered after the ceremony.

This is a brief outline of what my service involves should you engage me as your celebrant!


In my eyes, the last tangible gift you can give your loved one is the funeral or end of life celebration – whatever form that takes.

Perhaps a family gathering at home, in the garden, at a club – where is special to your loved one? And what is special, meaningful, to be celebrated or just acknowledged. This time of gathering and saying goodbye need not be in a chapel, church or funeral directors’ rooms.

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“You cannot wipe the tears of another face without getting your own hands wet” – Zulu Proverb

There are no rules as to how this ceremony is. Maybe not even a ceremony, but a gathering of people sharing stories, food, friendship and laughter. What it does need to do, is to be the best it can be for you, your family, friends and community. Acknowledging a well lived life, grieving a life cut short, be it illness, accident or otherwise; to celebrate, honour and remember. To remember honestly and completely. In life, not all relationships are easy – so it is in death too. Whatever the situation, it sometimes can provide a bit of closure or healing as we work through the process of reflecting on the life lived and creating the appropriate ceremony. It can give an opportunity to speak publicly or privately to or about the person. Should you like a traditional funeral, I am more than happy to do that to. Tradition is important in todays’ changing world.

Being empathetic and a skilled listener, I pride myself in getting to know the essence of your loved one and so working with you creating a ceremony that is relevant, embracing and right. Using humour a lot or a little may ease the emotion of the day.

Working with people as a part of their advanced care plan – planning their funeral or end of life ceremony is something I have experience with. It is truly an honour to be involved with a person or a family at this most special passage of time. Sometimes people like to plan things themselves so they have just what they want – the music, the place, the people. Making their own arrangements can save their family the stress and decision making at what is already a difficult time, and also be a gift to the family.

There are so many options for end of life ceremony – it’s such a special time. The whole process can be family or community led. Helping you to make this happen would be a privilege.

If you would like to discuss some different options, please get in touch for a no obligation chat. All calls are confidential.



“It’s not enough to love the children, it is necessary that they are aware that they are loved” 

– St John Bosco

Welcome to the world, little one!

Whether you have a newborn, a toddler or are blending families, this is indeed a lovely time to celebrate. To give your little one their place in the world, in your community and most importantly, in your family. To name some significant people or god parents in your little one’s life is indeed a special time.

This can be such a fun ceremony – many elements can be included here. Bubbles, balloons, candle lighting for the family generations, sand – the options are vast.


Leonie and Johnny's Wedding Excited Image - Celebrant Jenni


Leonie and Johnny's Wedding Marriage Image - Celebrant Jenni


“I have seen the best of you and the worst of you and I choose both”

– Sarah Kay

Choosing to renew your marriage vows is a wonderful celebration of your love and commitment together. This has no legal obligation, but is a meaningful and poignant occasion typically held on or around an anniversary or significant date. You can choose to include your family and friends in an elaborate or casual fun event, or have a smaller more intimate ceremony with fewer people. The choice is yours.